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Radio 104.5 interview James Iha October 25, 2012

DJ: One of the other ones... Tinted Windows. I know that's other full on.. an other super group happening there. Is the door shut on that one? Come back to it when we can? 

James: No, it's more out everyone’s busyness and schedules that we haven't gotten together and done an other record. Everybody is still into it. Adam, Taylor, Bun E. and myself, but just we haven't got around to writing an other record. I mean everybody has their kind of main thing. Taylor has Hanson obviously and Adam has Fountains Of Wayne and a million other things. I'm working on my solo thing and producing, so it's more just a matter of like, I don't know... somebody writing some songs and then I think we will do Tinted Windows too if we do that.



Consequence Of Sound - Interview: James Iha

Interview: James Iha



You almost formed a supergroup of sorts with The Virgins, featuring Evan Dando, that never actually came to fruition. Ryan Adams, and Melissa Auf Der Maur.

But you did form another supergroup in Tinted Windows [Bun E. Carlos, Taylor Hanson, Adam Schleshinger].


Why did the Virgins never happen, and how did Tinted Windows come about?

Tinted Windows happened because my friend Adam Schleshinger of Fountains of Wayne, and many other bands, was like, “Do you wanna make a band with Taylor Hanson singing?” And I said, “Yeah, that’d be awesome.” He started writing some songs. He’s been friendly with Taylor for a while, and he emailed him, and it just sort of happened.

Was it always power pop from the beginning, or was that Bun E. Carlos’s influence?
Yeah, we never had a prog rock phase or a neo soul phase or anything like that. It was always power pop, pop rock, whatever you want to call it.

Will there ever be a Tinted Windows II?
We’re talking about it. I hope so.



Illinois Entertainer - Interview: James Iha

Interview: James Iha

James Iha

This is, however, just the tip of the Iha-project iceberg. The Svengali is proud of his latest Trilby – a scrappy Big Apple outfit called Hunters, whose EP and upcoming debut album he’s recently produced. “They’re an awesome noisy pop band, and they’ve already been on tour with The Kills and A Place To Bury Strangers,” he enthuses. Then there’s Tinted Windows, the great power-pop combo he and Schlesinger formed with Taylor Hanson on vocals and Cheap Trick’s Bun E. Carlos on drums, whose bow was so well-received a second is in the works. “That was super-fun,” he recalls of the spinoff. “Because I co-own [Stratosphere Sound] with Adam, and we produce bands together, I’ve always wanted to play in a band with him. So this was just an idea, where he said ‘Hey, do you want to be in a group with Taylor Hanson?’ And I said ‘Yeah! Definitely!’ And then playing with Bun E. Carlos, too? Not many people get to play with an icon like him.”

Australia: Interview with Taylor Hanson of Hanson

May the rock be with you


2012FeaturesInterviews — September 3, 2012 7:30 am


Posted by 


I have to ask, just because I loved the album, but what’s the status of Tinted Windows?

Adam and James and I are kind of throwing ideas back and forth as we speak, the thing with Tinted Windows is that it’s fun and its great and it’s not anybody’s like bread and butter and so the way we try to approach it is, as time allows, you get together and you write a song or you record something, so I think there will probably be another Tinted Windows record at some point, but I wouldn’t sit around holding your breath for it because you’ll be holding your breath for a while.


Interview with Taylor Hanson, age 29, of Tulsa, OK.

Posted - 2 days ago


And then you went off and did Tinted Windows, and that was so much fun to see.
Oh, thanks! Yeah, that’s a whole different thing. And musically, it was such a different headspace. There’s a lot of records that that is inspired by that I’m a huge fan of, but with Hanson we’ve always drawn most of our influence from things that had that R&B pop kind of swing. But making this [Tinted Windows] record was about writing pop songs, but they are totally straight ahead. There’s not a keyboard on the record, just loud guitars and really in your face… And it’s really fun to combine the different characters in the band. Bun E., of course, who really is iconic as a drummer. Then James, who has such an amazing, distinct guitar style and is a great writer as well. Then Adam, with his skill as a producer and a writer. And for me, getting to be a part of that collective of musicians was so awesome. It’s so cool to turn around and go, “That’s Bun E. Carlos playing drums!” Not that Zac isn’t an awesome drummer, but that guy played ‘I Want You To Want Me’!

I’d be nerding out pretty hard too. Is there anything more happening with that?
It’s kind of an open-ended story. For everybody it’s a side project: James is doing A Perfect Circle stuff, and he’s been working on a solo record for a long time; Adam has Fountains of Wayne, and continues to write and produce stuff; Bun E. actually hasn’t been on the road so much. He has another band that he’s playing with, but he hasn’t been on the road with Cheap Trick. And, of course, I’m talking to you about what I’m doing.
So it’ll fit in there somewhere. The first record took about three years to get made, just because it was slipping in between other things.



Out Now
Tinted Windows Album Tinted Windows
Released 21st April
S-Curve Records
Buy: Amazon


Tinted Windows Single Kind Of A Girl Kind Of A Girl
Single Download
S-Curve Records
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