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More info from MeerRadio interview (11-18-2011)

Taylor talks to DJ Kim from MeerRadioCredit for the interview & picture goes to @SilverLineNL


Taylor: It was like I can go do this and enjoy it and it really is a pleasure to be on stage and play with great musicians and friends and it’s been really fun to have that aspect and it also kind of, it did give me a different perspective of what Hanson does, what we do in our band with Hanson. Is realising, I think, how much of an influence you know the R&B and the gospel and Rock & Roll is in our band. Because when you go over and you purposely say let's write these kind of straight ahead pop songs that are guitar driven vs. kind of grove driven and vocal driven so uhm it was fun, it was great and there will probably be another Tinted Windows project at some point, but everybody is kind of not stressing about it, it will happen at some point, if it does it will be fun.


Link to the full transcript and audio interview can be found on the forum:


Taylor talks about Tinted Windows November 18th, 2011

Interview with Meerradio in Amsterdam full audio here: Meerradio.nl


Taylor talks about Tinted Windows @ 00:26:03 


DJ: Taylor, you’re also the lead singer for Tinted Windows.

Taylor: Yeah, Tinted Windows was a kind of a fun side project. It’s a Powerpop, you know, loud guitars, pop songs band. I know, I had no aspirations particularly to start an other band, but that just came together in a way that felt like it was defined narrowly enough that it made sense. It was like I can go do this and enjoy it and it really is a pleasure to be on stage and play with great musicians and friends. 

We Love DC: Q&A with Taylor Hanson

Q&A with Taylor Hanson of Hanson, part 2

AK: So I have a question about Tinted Windows- how did that project come together?

TH: The way it started was Adam Schlesinger and I had met years ago- right after he’d written the song “That Thing You Do”- he wrote that song and he’d also written a bunch of other songs for other bands- he got put with us to try and write for our first record, and he was about twenty-five/twenty-six, and I was about fourteen I guess. So we all got together then and we tried to write, and you know nothing ended up happening on that first record- it didn’t produce a song. We just over the years had stayed in touch, and had a lot of mutual friends in bands, and really just one day Adam called me and we started talking about the idea of actually doing a band, instead of just writing something or you know jamming around. I was pretty reluctant at first, just because it takes so much time, and being very much in-house with everything Hanson does it’s hard to leave that- you know physically leave that, and creatively leave it. But the timing worked out really well. Over the period of about three years whenever I got a little window I would go fly to New York or Adam came to our songwriting retreat that we do, and we wrote a song for Tinted Windows during that thing, in fact that was really the first song we wrote together for it, I guess in 2006. Eventually, after a couple years of little sessions here and there we finally had a record. In fact, originally our first drummer was Jason Schwartzman. 

AK: Oh wow!

TH: He was the original drummer. I knew Jason from Phantom Planet, and I guess the other guys were various friend-of-friendships. We finished a lot of the record, you know- demoed it- with Jason, and when he wasn’t able to continue doing it we all said well, you know the drummer we were always talking about, or sort of thinking of in style and attitude was Bun E. Carlos [drummer for Cheap Trick], the power-pop drumming of him. So Adam just gave him a call, we called [his] management and said “Hey- this is a long-shot, but is there any way that Bun E. would want to join a side-project that we’re doing?” It was kind of an inside joke, you know, we didn’t expect that Bun E. was going to want to do the band, but he heard the stuff that we’d already written, and he loved it. So he said “I’m in!” So that was the formation of the whole thing, and of course I didn’t mention James [Iha]. James is a friend of Adam’s, they’ve been partners for a while so he was always into it, and he’s an amazing guitarist and great musician, and there you go, that’s the band!

AK: Are you all still playing/have plans to record/play more live shows?

TH: The jury’s out a little bit on it, but the response around it was really, really positive, and I would imagine there will be another project at some point. I have a stack of songs that are sort of like, you put them over on the side…to think about at the next project. But it doesn’t have the same pressure as a full-time deal, I think. Everybody really enjoyed doing it, and so I would imagine something else will happen, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


Full interview here: http://www.welovedc.com/2011/10/19/qa-with-taylor-hanson-of-hanson-part-2/

Hipsters United Blog: Tinted Windows crack open plans for new album

Tinted Windows crack open plans for new album


11:25 am // Saturday, October 1, 2011

Posted by susan in newstinted windows

Tinted Windows—the supergroup featuring Taylor Hanson backed by former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha, Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, and Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick—all but disappeared from the music scene after a concert in Tokyo eighteen months ago. Will that go down as the band’s final act?

The current calendar year has scattered the Tintslike dust on the wind: Iha has toured with A Perfect Circle, Schlesinger with the Fountains, Carlos with northern Illinois supergroup Candy Golde, and, uhm, Taylor with Hanson. On the web, TintedWindowsMusic.com now redirects to myspace.com/TintedWindows, and the band hasn’t tweeted since that January 2010 tour wrapped. :tumbleweed:

Yet it seems the band members have left the door open for more collaboration. Late last year Schlesinger said he “had some more songs” for the group. And back in March, Carlos suggested that the band might rendezvous again this fall.  Now, Hanson, doing the press rounds for his namesake band’s fall tour, has told the San Francisco Examiner that he and Schlesinger have begun preliminary work on a second Tinted Windows album, saying “there’s definitely some brewing tuneage.” However, both Hanson and Fountains of Wayne are on tour through November.

Taylor & Adam are working on songs for new TW album.

Credit: dfs915


Hanson brothers just getting warmed up

By: Tom Lanham | 09/06/11 4:00 AM

He (Taylor) and Fountains of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger also have started preliminary work on the sophomore set from their power-pop supergroup Tinted Windows.

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner: http://www.sfexaminer.com/entertainment/music/2011/09/hanson-brothers-just-getting-warmed#ixzz1XGGeIsG3

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